Somerset Craft Brewer 1979 - 2020

Cotleigh Brewery Cotleigh Brewery June 1979

Seasonal Ales 2014

Snowy Single Malt

Snowy Single Malt ABV 5.0%

A strong golden coloured winter ale. A full bodied long lasting and moreish ale with hints of citrus fruits. Brewed using only Pale Flagon malt with Goldings, Fuggles and Northern Brewer hops.

January - February, October - December

Albatross Big Bitter

Albatross Big Bitter ABV 6.5%

A rich alcohol warming fruit filled experience on the palate. Triple hopped with Hallertau (Mounthood) giving a floral and pear drop aroma.


Old Hooker Still Game

Old Hooker Still Game ABV 4.4%

A golden amber IPA style beer with a robust fruit-filled finish on the palate. An aroma of lemon and honey from Bobeck hops.

Special Rugby Beer: January - March

Peregrine Porter

Peregrine Porter ABV 5%

Bottle conditioned, Gold Medal Winning classic old style porter brewed with the addition of flaked barley. Dark and bitter sweet with hints of nut and liqourice from roasted malt. A long creamy and mellow fullness on the finish. Brewed with Pale, Black, Brown and Crystal malt with whole wheat, Fuggles and Challenger hops.


Nutcracker Mild

Nutcracker Mild ABV 3.4%

Dark amber Mild with a light and fruity taste. Golding and Bobeck hops give a sweet aroma with a refreshing liquorice taste on the palate.

April - May

Osprey Strong Ale

Osprey Strong Ale ABV 5.0%

Rich in flavour, this strong ale is always welcomed when it returns to the pumps. Osprey Strong Ale is described as a 'strong golden coloured bitter which is clean and refreshing with a generous, well hopped bitterness'. ** ALSO AVAILABLE IN 500ML BOTTLES **

April - August

Owlzatt! Not Out

Owlzatt! Not Out ABV 4.4%

A golden amber IPA style beer with a robust fruit-filled finish on the palate. An aroma of lemon and honey from Bobeck hops.

Special Cricket Beer: May - July

IPA Anniversary

IPA Anniversary ABV 3.9%

Brewed to celebrate Cotleigh's 35th Anniversary (1979-2014). The aroma is a medley of summer fruits emanating from the New Zealand Motueka hops and the taste is a zesty hop punch that you would expect from a traditional IPA.

June - July

Fowl Play Premium Ale

Fowl Play Premium Ale ABV 4.2%

Celebrate the World Cup with this bright golden bitter. Smooth and malty with a background of honey flavour offering a refreshing and citrus smooth finish.


Long Eared Owl

Long Eared Owl ABV 4.9%

A copper coloured pale ale with a rich malty taste, with a citrus hoppy aroma from a late-harvested hop of Styrian Goldings.


New Harvest Golden Bitter

New Harvest Golden Bitter ABV 4.0%

A beer equivalent of a Beaujolais Nouveau using Early Bird Goldings hops. Fresh, clean, hoppy and exciting in aroma and taste.

Early Bird Goldings: September

Uncle Sam Hop Burst

Uncle Sam Hop Burst ABV 4.3%

Sherbert nose with a hint of liquorice and grapefruit.

September - October

Red Nose Reinbeer Xmas Ale

Red Nose Reinbeer Xmas Ale ABV 4.5%

A richly flavoured deep copper coloured seasonal beer and Gold Medal Winner. A smooth long lasting finish with chocolate, toffee and nuts. Brewed using Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malt with Goldings, Fuggles and Northdown hops.

November - December